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28mm Premium Custode speaker
This is our best 28mm speaker, the Premium Custode speaker gives out unrivaled sound! Speaker is 3 Watt available in 4 or 8...
1" Neopixel Blade Sale
1" Neopixel Blade
1" Thick-walled Neopixel blade from LGT that will work with any blade side PCB and 1" socket. Blades are available...
$114.95 $104.95
v3 NPXL Hilt PCB
The v3 NPXL PCB's are here! This PCB goes inside your hilt to enable connection to Neopixel blades. Available in Long...
Golden Harvest Soundboard
The Golden Harvest v3 provides all the features you'd ever want in a soundboard, whilst still being the easiest to...
Golden Harvest Wiring Work Mat
The Ultimate Golden Harvest companion is here! Available in 2 sizesWith a rubber base and padded top, these mats are...
Keeppower Protected 18650 Battery
NOTE: Batteries being shipped outside of Australia MUST be shipped with DHL Choosing AusPost international on orders including batteries WILL BE...
(New) 12mm Momentary Switch
New and improved switches are here!Now with a more compact design and improved tactile button, these switches can't be beaten! ...
Neo-TriCree Module
Ever wanted to turn your Neopixel saber into a Tri-Cree set-up? Well now you can in a matter of seconds....
(Clearance) RGB Pixel strip
RGB Pixel strips with 144 LED's/M.LED's are 5050 SK6812/WS2812b variants. These Pixels are for Neopixel use and fill fit inside...
(Clearance) 12mm Momentary Switch W/ Ring LED Sale
(Clearance) 12mm Momentary Switch W/ Ring LED
These are our v1 Momentary switches, currently on clearance sale! These switches are amazing quality, they are simply longer than...
$7.49 $3.49
Drawing inspiration from Mjölnir, the LightHammer is the perfect addition to any saber enthusiasts blade collection! This Hammer simply replaces...
Dual Cell Smart Battery Charger
Double battery charger with LCD display and protection features. Charger plugs into USB wall adapter.Charger features:  Overcharge protection Reverse polarity...
Parts box - Starter
Get all your basic install needs in one easy bundle! Feel free to ask for specific's in your order notes,...
Parts box -Premium
Get all your premium install needs in one easy bundle! This pack has it ALL Feel free to ask for...