Pre-Made Kits

This section is home to pre-assembled kits and accessories. These Kits and accessories are completely Plug-and-Play. Some products found in this section are offered at a discount, and ONLY available with the purchase of a Full Kit.

Kits are 1.11" (2.82cm) in diameter. This means these kits should fit your Saberforge/Ultrasabers/MHS hilts; as well as anything with at least 1.11" of clearance.
Kits are also 3.74" (9.5cm) long (including speaker). If you have questions regarding these kits please contact us.


How to Order:

FirstChoose your desired Kit- Options are: Single switch with Recharge Port and Double switch Without Recharge Port.

SecondDepending on how many switches your kit requires, click on pre-assembled switches and add your choice of switches to your cart.

Third: Choose any other accessories you may want with your kit. Purchasing through this section will get you a discount!

Pre-Made Kits

Two Switch Pre-wired Kit
Please refer here when ordering to ensure all components selected and for further info regarding sizes and more.This Kit is...
Recharge Port Pre-wired Kit
Please refer here when ordering to ensure all components selected and for further info regarding sizes and more. This Product must be shipped...
Pre-Wired Switch
Pre-wired switch compatible with our kits. Switch is available in black or silver with or without LED. Switch is 12mm...
1" Neopixel Blade
Neopixel Blade is 36" (92cm) long, 1" OD and 3mm thick. These are directly compatible with your Kit's Neopixel PCB....
Extra battery
An extra battery for your kit, Identical to the one you're already receiving.Link to full product here Note- This product...
NeoCree Module
Only Available with purchase of Pre-wired Kit.This module turns your neopixel set-up into an In-hilt LED one; meaning you can...
1" Duelling blade
This blade is used along side the NeoCree Module Adapter to make your Saber Duel ready. Blade is 1" OD,...
Retention Party Pack
8-32 screws and wrenches for use with securing blades, chassis' and more.Link to full product hereNote- This product can only be...
2.1mm Recharge Cable to USB
2.1mm Recharge Cable used to recharge your Saber. These are compatible with 2.1mm Recharge Ports like these: To use this product with...
Battery Charger
Single/Double USB Battery Chargers. View the full products here:  -Single     -Double Note- This product can only be purchased if...
Blade Plug
Blade Plug to cap things off. Link to full Product Here Note- This product can only be purchased if a Pre-wired...
Parts box - Starter
Get all your basic install needs in one easy bundle! Feel free to ask for specific's in your order notes,...
Parts box -Premium
Get all your premium install needs in one easy bundle! This pack has it ALL Feel free to ask for...