3D Printing services

Did you know we have a range of 3d printers on-site ready to print your files?

We have both SLA (resin) and FDM (filament) printers. What does this mean? 
It means we can print in very high details with resin or stronger and more versatile prints with filament. 

It also means we can print your file to YOUR specifications.

FDM printers use a heated nozzle to extrude heated plastics and build layers on top of each other. FDM printers lay higher layers each layer; however SLA printers can print a whole layer at once compared to FDM's single nozzle.

SLA Printers use an LCD screen to cure resin in different spots within resin vat. The build plate that is in contact with these layers then lift, and pull the cured resin off the vat's film. the plate then lowers and repeats until the models completes.

This is a very simplified explanation of course. Nevertheless, below is a comparison between the two printers.



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