About Us

About Us

Who are we?

Founded in 2020, Guardian Sabers was originally created to offer Australian's and our neighbours quality parts at the most competitive prices.

For a long time Aussie's were getting stung with high shipping costs and pretty depressing exchange rates for parts from Overseas. We wanted to make it possible for our Saber community to be able build and upgrade their Hilts without breaking the bank or waiting ages for delivery.

Fast forward a year and here we are with one of the largest ranges of Saber parts in the World! And that's just the beginning... As I write this we are in production for our debut Hilt range which we are so excited to show to the world. We are absolutely committed to becoming one of the premier producers of empty and installed Hilts. 



What's on the horizon?   

We have big plans to have a constant supply of new and fan favourite Sabers in the store, ensuring everyone can find something to fit their tastes. 

You can also expect to start seeing Props and Merch appearing on the store. New apparel designs will constantly be added to the store and you can expect the same for our highly anticipated props (Blasters, Helmets, and more!)

One other thing we are hoping to launch (once COVID takes a hike) is Saber meet-ups and battle events. Aussie's deserve places to get together and geek out and even duel it out. We are committed to making this happen and expanding the Saber community.

Plus, I'm a pretty crazy guy so best believe if I find something we think you'll like, then best believe you'll see it in the store before long.

Our Team

As it stands Guardian Sabers has 3 official team members.

There's me Del, I handle pretty much everything you see and take care of the store, shipping orders, Bla Bla Bla.

Then you've got the actually important people, Toby and Ollie
These two handle all our installs and provide invaluable support to myself and our customers. I literally could go on and on about how amazing they are, but instead you should check out their pages for yourself and show them some love!

Find their pages here: 
White Cloud Sabers- Ollie
Chicken Walker Installs- Toby

One Last Thing

Without all of you we would be nothing, so thank you. We have genuine hopes of growing and empowering the saber community and hopefully bringing joy to many people through the awesomeness of Sabers. We can't wait to continually grow and have you come along on the journey with us.

Finally, I must pay respects to the Saber companies who have paved the way and done so much for the Saber community already.

Aaaaanyways, Thanks for choosing Guardian and reading our story, I appreciate each and everyone of our customers.


June 7th, 2021