Installation Info

Here you can find all the info on each of our types of installs.
Find out which is right for you below!



Just an empty Hilt ready for you to install. Unleash your inner Jedi and earn your Saber by building it yourself with this tier. Some Hilts will also have the option for a chassis to get your install going.

Single Colour (Rated for Medium duelling)

Installed with a single colour LED. No sound, colour changing or effects.

RGB (Rated for Medium duelling)

RGB stands for Red, Blue, Green, referring to the colour of the LED's inside your Saber. 

 Pixel refers to LED's lining the inside of your blade, Instead of having the one LED module inside your blade. Pixel LED's are also individually addressable, meaning each little LED can do it's own thing. Meaning you can have some Really cool effects!

Pada-Pixel (Rated for Light Duelling)

The cost effective way to get a Pixel Saber. The Pada-Pixel system uses a non-customizable soundboard to deliver a wealth (Basically all) of effects at a competitive price. 

Golden Harvest (Rated for Light Duelling)

All Golden Harvest Sabers are installed in house using Premium parts. Purchasing a Saber installed with a GH soundboard includes 15 pre-loaded soundfonts, and a mindblowing number of features. This soundboard is customizable, meaning you can add sound effects and modify effects at will!

This install level also upgrades you to a Shtok v3 NPXL Connector, Keeppower HighDrain Battery, and a Premium 3w Speaker.

Check out all of the Golden Harvest's features Here

RGB vs Pada-Pixel


Important Info:

  • All Sabers include Heavy Duelling blades- If you purchase a Saber with a blade, then your blade will be heavy grade duelling blades as standard. No need to pay extra. Keep in mind even Heavy Wall Pixel blades can be damaged.
  • Duelling suitability depends on 2 factors: Electronics, and blade thickness/type
    - RGB blades have no LED's inside and are naturally more expendable. 3mm thick blades can take a beating, but even 3mm pixel blades can get damaged. 
    - RBG sabers are more suitable for duelling as the LED inside is stronger compared to a Pixel's internal blade connector. Pixel Sabers can still be duelled with, but heavy duelling IS NOT recommended.

  • Pixel to RGB Conversion

    -You can quickly convert your Pixel Saber to a RGB set-up with a Neo-Cree Module. The benefit of doing this is you can change to RGB, use a standard blade, and duel away without worrying about damaging any pixels.

  • Warranty and Voids 
    -All Sabers come with a one year standard warranty. However, heavy duelling or unnecessary/misguided use of your Saber will Void your warranty.