Limited Edition & Ready to Ship Sabers

Coming Soon!

We will have special limited edition sabers in the store soon, along with ready to ship sabers.

Meanwhile, use our Build Your Own Saber tool to mix-n-match your saber with our hilts.

Features of our sabers will include:

  • Create your own Hilt! Mix and match any Guardian Hilt parts and have them fit perfectly with our electronics core. Our pommels are also SaberForge compatible. Over 20 combinations of Hilts can be made!
  • No Blade Screws! Using a new collet system we will remove what no other company does... Blade retention screws!
  • Dual System Sabers! Our installed sabers will come with both Neopixel and In-Hilt systems; meaning you'll be able to comfortably duel as well as have the full range of Neopixel features.
  • Choice of Electronics! With 4 tiers of install available (Uninstalled to The Works) we've got everyone covered.

Follow us @Guardiansabers to know when new sabers get added to the store!