Our Partners

Our Installers

Guardian Sabers is very lucky to have some great people and companies supporting us. It's only right that we acknowledge them below (in no particular order). We are blessed with two of the best installers this side of the galaxy. We strongly recommend them and encourage you to reach out to them with your inquiry today!


Chicken Walker Installs

Based on the West Coast, Chicken Walker (A.K.A Toby) is a genius. Offering unbelievably clean installs and making sabers look absolutely Bada**, Toby always goes above and beyond to deliver the "wow"!


White Cloud Sabers

Repping the East Coast, Ollie over at White Cloud is a Beast!.
Ollie Boasts incredible design work and simply drop dead gorgeous installs. You'll be on Cloud 9 once you get your saber back from White cloud ;)



Simply put? Dmitry Shtok is a genius! From the often imitated NPXL PCB's to the countless other ideas and products Dmitry has offered to the community; it's clear why he deserves this title. Constantly pushing the boundaries and creating more, we are always excited to see what's next!



The team over at SaberTec are absolutely killing the game! The proud manufacturers of the Golden Harvest soundboard are continually updating their product to be the hottest soundboard on the market. We are thrilled to have these guys on board, and their boards in our saber.

Soroc Sabers

Everything Rob touches seems to turn to gold, or... copper. Mr Sotomayor is the awesome individual who designed the chassis contained in every Guardian Saber. Rob also creates a number of exciting saber parts, chassis', props, and more!


Based out of China, LGT is probably the world's largest saber manufacturer.
Whilst we don't sell LGT saber's, we do proudly sell many of their other Quality components that simply can't be sourced elsewhere.