Returns, Warranties, Cancellations, Etc.

Returns,Warranties, Cancellations, Etc.

Guardian Sabers parts are qualtiy checked and tested before being sent out to ensure you don't need to stress about returning something faulty.
If you do happen to encounter an issue or order the wrong part read below to find out what to do. Remeber We're here for you so feel free to contact us for any reason.

Assumed knowledge/Responsibility

Naturally, installing parts into Sabers requires some level of knowledge/skill.
When you purchase parts from us we assume you have the skills required to properly install and operate the components, or are prepared to accept any liability for damage caused to your parts. We test all parts we possibly can to guarantee they work once they arrive to you, and can almost certainly determine user error when we see it; In these circumstances we cannot issue a replacement.

If any issues do arise or you do need some assistance before installing your part, then please contact us so we can help you or guide you in the right direction.
In short, we don't replace any parts you fry... and trust us... we know. But, we can and will help out however we can :)

What if my goods arrived damaged?

We do quality test every part we send out; however things can be damaged during the shipping/ handling process.
If you receive a damaged part take some photos/ videos straight away and contact us via E-mail or Facebook.

What if I don't want my products/ Want to cancel my order?

Orders can be fully cancelled ( minus 10% handling & web processing fee) either before they are shipped or within 24 hours (whichever occurs first).
Contact Guardian Sabers via E-mail or Facebook straight away to cancel.
If after 24 hours you decide you do not want your products (for whatever reason) we unfortunately cannot issue a refund.
If you believe you have an order that should be eligible for return Contact us to discuss a solution.

What should I know about returns?

Products are not eligible for return after 14 days of being marked delivered.
If a product is being returned it is your responsibility until it reaches us. Guardian Sabers is not responisble for any damage encountered during return shipping. This is why we recommend taking photos of your goods when they arrive (if they are damaged or need returning) to verify that damage was caused by the shipping handling process.
Customer is responsible for all return and subsequent shipping costs in all unwanted return/Wrong order cases. If we are sending you a new part/s because you ordered the incorrect one, unfortunately there will be another shipping cost.
If you do happen to receive a faulty product, or a product becomes faulty through regular intended use within 2 weeks; Under Australian Consumer Law you may be entitled to a refund. In an event where a refund is deemed necessary; you, the customer will be fully refunded (shipping costs included). In the event you need a replacement part due to faulty products; Guardian Sabers will not charge an additional shipping fee for this replacement. However; Additional, non-replacement parts added to a replacement part shipment could incur additional fees.

What is my warranty on parts?

Parts are checked to ensure they are in working condition before they are sent. If a part stops working within 2 weeks of delivery (with correct use/installation) contact us to discuss a solution or a replacement part.
Faulty or damaged parts: Refer to "What should I know about returns?"

What is my warranty on Blades?

The only blade warranty we offer is a 6 month duelling guarantee on our thick-walled blades. These blades will not break from duelling; however by some miracle your blade does break/crack contact us immediately. (Tampering or intentionally trying to break your blade will void your warranty; and YES we will know...)
Our Neopixel and Day-Blades do not have a duelling warranty as we do not recommend heavy-duelling with these blades. We will not replace these blades if they are damaged through duelling. If there is an issue with your blade outside these circumstances then contact us immediately to discuss a solution.