Sabers are currently delayed due to aluminium shortage, but will begin machining in early June. We hope they will be completed by June's end. Sabers are being manufactured 100% within Australia.

Features of our sabers will include:

  • Interchangeable sabers! Mix and match any Guardian Hilt parts and have them fit perfectly with our electronics core
  • Exclusive sound fonts! In addition to the 15 pre-loaded fonts on the Golden Harvest, all installed and empty sabers from guardian Sabers will include Sound Fonts not available elsewhere!
  • No Blade Screws! Using a new collet system we will remove what no other company does... Blade retention screws!
  • Dual System Sabers! Our installed sabers will come with both Neopixel and In-Hilt systems; meaning you'll be able to comfortably duel as well as have the full range of Neopixel features.

Check back in late June and follow us on Facebook/Instagram @Guardiansabers to know exactly when they'll be ready!

They're going to be well worth the wait!!