Blade Side PCB holder- 1" Thick Wall




2 pack of 1" thick walled Blade side PCB holder for ShtokCustomWorx's Blade side NPXL PCB connectors. Available in 2 sizes.

This product is designed to be press fit and hold your PCB tightly without the need for hot glue, however you can still use some to secure the PCB better. NOTE: Blades are simply not always the same inner diameter, we CANNOT control this; and as such you may need to sand or use adhesive on your holder.

The PCB can also then be pushed out of the holder from the other side. The holder is designed to be push fit/secure inside your blade.

Sizes: One is taller and designed for PCB with the LED's, the other is shorter and designed for the PCB without LED's. Please select if you want 1 each or 2 of the same.