Neo-TriCree Module
Neo-TriCree Module
Neo-TriCree Module
Neo-TriCree Module

Neo-TriCree Module

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Ever wanted to turn your Neopixel saber into a Tri-Cree set-up? Well now you can in a matter of seconds.

When this module is dropped onto your Neopixel's pins the RGB module will take over and light your saber.
Why would you ever want to do this? now you can put in a regular blade and use your saber to duel, spin, and more! regular blades are much more durable then neopixel blades and this connector makes switching a breeze! 


Designed by Warsabers and ShtokCustomWorx.

  • Big copper heat sink for efficient High Power LED cooling
  • Built-in 55 kOhm “Blade ID” resistor between Data and GND
  • Brightest binned Cree XP-E2 leds - SinkPad II copper core MCPCB - each of the 3 LED channels are configured to drive connected LED's at around 1000mA.
  • Module can be custom modified to any colour combination by the user (requires removing the driver pcb, changing current limiting resistors and resoldering LED wires).
  • Compatible with 3rd party Hilt-side PCB's. (We highly recommend using Shtok branded PCB's).

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