Recharge Port Pre-wired Kit
Recharge Port Pre-wired Kit
Recharge Port Pre-wired Kit

Recharge Port Pre-wired Kit

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Please refer here when ordering to ensure all components selected and for further info regarding sizes and more.

This Kit is compatible with 1 Switch and has a Recharge Port, please make sure you select your switches (Sold separately). 

This Kit is completely pre-wired and ready to be used out of the box, simply Plug in the components and Play! Spring side is negative when inserting battery*

What's In the Kit:

  • Golden Harvest v3 Soundboard - Pre-loaded with 15 soundfonts and easily customisable at home.
  • 1.11" Chassis completely installed
  • 3 Watt 4 Ohm Premium Custode speaker- The best speaker on the market!
  • 3120mAh Keeppower Battery (removable)- With Built-in protection and High Drain these are the premium battery.
  • ShtokCustomWorx v3 Neopixel Connector- The industry's best Pixel PCB comes with 8 on-board Pixels! (includes holder for PCB)
  • 2.1mm SwitchCraft Recharge Port w/ Kill Key- Used to recharge your saber. 2x adapters are also included that may be helpful in fitting your RCP to your saber.
  • switch connectorPre-wired JST connectors that makes connecting/disconnecting your switch a breeze! Switches must be purchased separately

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