v3 NPXL Hilt PCB



Pin Length

The v3 NPXL PCB's are here! This PCB goes inside your hilt to enable connection to Neopixel blades. 

Available in Long or short pins- Keep in mind the new v3 long pins are already quite short; especially compared to the v2 long pins.

Don't forget a PCB holder for this product!


Specifications and features:

  • Pre-soldered SMD resistors! (That's right, no more hassle!)
  • High quality components, manufacturing and assembly on factory
  • Black PCB colour with Gold Plated pads
  • Compatible with TCSS/VV/PlecterPixel Blade side PCB's/blades
  • Rated up to 18 Amperes max (up to 15 Amperes recommended) without current losses
  • Reliable electrical connection due to high quality gold plated pogo pins made in US and Switzerland
  • 3-pole contact type: 1-pin Data, 4-pin Positive, 4-pin Negative
  • High quality spring loaded pogo pins (short and long style) by Mill-Max and Preci-Dip
  • 16 on-board RGB (GRB color order) Neopixel leds with separate Data input for Blade Plugs backlight
  • On-board pixels have reverse polarity and short circuit protection, won’t be damaged
  • Superior brightness and colour, 50% brighter than the previous connector version
  • Separate Blade Detection (BD) pin (5th Negative pin)


  • Hilt PCB: 17.5x17.5x2.5mm (without pins) 

NOTE: If your pre-assembled PCB comes with with some solder next to your negative pins on the pad; then don't worry. These pads are all connected and meant to be covered in solder once wired.